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Frequently Asked Questions

"Why use a professional to liquidate an estate?"
When family members are faced with questions like "What shall we do with all these things?" and "What are these things worth?",  they need to call a professional liquidator.  Family members often lack the experience to establish the true value on everyday household items and the time to make the estate "sale ready."  A myriad of detailed decisions can leave them overwhelmed.  By contracting with an estate liquidator like Jasper Estate Liquidation Service a family can leave the research, displaying, promotion and administration of the sale (basically all the work) to someone else.  Additionally, a sale conducted by professionals will yield greater revenue on the contents, thus helping to offset the expense of the service.
. "What is meant by sale ready?"
Estate merchandise needs to be sorted, cleaned if necessary, researched, priced, tagged, displayed and aggressively advertised.  This takes time and extensive knowledge, experience, training and the availability of research resources.
"Why have a contract?"
A legal and binding contract protects the interests of all parties involved and is the professional way to offer this service.  The contract used by Jasper Estate Liquidation Service is thorough and easy to understand.  We encourage families to have an attorney look it over if they so desire.
"How much does it cost?"
Like most professional liquidators, we charge a commission on the gross sales.  Jasper Estate Liquidation Service tailors its fee structure according to the size and difficulty of the sale.  There are no "up front" expenses, as all costs are deducted from the gross sales.  The family will then receive a check for the net amount owed to the estate. 
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Before Calling Us...
  • Family members should remove the items they are keeping.
  • Designate an estate representative to meet with JELS.  This person needs to have a legal right to enter into a contract for the liquidation of the remaining goods.
  • NEVER REMOVE ITEMS FROM THE PREMISES in an attempt to "clean up" for us.  Let us decide what to discard.  Also, leave items in their original locations as much as possible. 

What You Can Expect from JELS...
We want customer satisfaction and have built our reputation on honesty, integrity, and a concern for our client's personal property.  One distinguishing feature of Jasper Estate Liquidation Service is our commitment to Accountability.  We use accepted accounting practices and offer detailed documentation to the family at the end of the sale so there is a clear understanding of items sold and prices realized.  Our goal is to use our expertise to increase your profits so that your actual cost for our service is minimal. 
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